Homeowner’s Guide To Installing Sod

Step 1: Prepare Your Site

  1. Prepare your area by removing existing grass, weeds, rocks, debris, etc. The grade should look as you want it to after installation paying attention to drainage and evenness.
  2. Soil compacted by construction equipment needs to be loosened, leveled and firmed.
  3. Remember, the best time to prepare for sod is before it arrives.
  4. Finally, it is critical to apply a Starter fertilizer immediately before installation. Apply the fertilizer, then install the sod.
  5. For sod install you will need some kind of knife to cut it, and sprinklers and hoses.

Step 2: Measure

  1. Measure the area the same way you would for painting a wall or installing a floor.
  2. Take your time measuring. Having a little extra is better than running short.

Step 3: Order

  1. If it’s a pick-up order, keep in mind that we require at least one day’s notice. We can only cut if weather permits.
  2. If it’s a delivery or installation order, they may require 1 to 3 weeks notice, so plan ahead.

Step 4: Receive

  1. On the day you are to receive your sod, please be ready! We are diligent about getting you the freshest product in the best possible condition and it is equally important for you to be ready.
  2. If sod sits on a pallet for too long, sod farms cannot guarantee its success. Lay it as soon as it arrives.

Step 5: Install

  1. Before actually laying the sod, remember to apply a Starter fertilizer. Next to water, the Starter Fertilizer drastically increases the sod’s ability to begin root growth and general establishment.
  2. Double check that the area is smooth and free of debris or gouges.
  3. Avoid walking on installed sod as much as possible.
  4. Begin with a straight line (sidewalk, a wall, driveway, etc.) and lay sod alongside.
  5. With the next row, stagger the joints, like a brick wall, and make sure the end and long edges are snugly pushed together. Gaps will allow weed to germinate and grow.
  6. As soon as there is enough finished area, begin watering.
  7. Once all sod is installed continue watering until the soil under the sod is completely soaked. Lift a piece of sod here and there and check for effective infiltration of water. If the ground is soggy and soft when you step on it you have watered enough. At this point try not to re-enter the area until the ground has absorbed the water.
  8. Do not have heavy traffic (kids or pets) on your new lawn for the first 4 weeks (mowing is OK).

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